iSolvents is a registered waste disposal contractor specializing in hazardous waste disposal, as well as a high-quality solvent and chemical supplier.

Hazardous Waste Management Solvent Solutions

About Us

We design creative solutions for our clients nationwide,
creating a greener future for our country.

Our History

iSolvents has been helping companies reduce, reuse, recycle and safely dispose of hazardous waste since 2002.

iSolvents is a registered Waste Transfer Station, Hazardous Waste Transporter and SOS Bonded Warehouse. Compliance has been at the heart of our company providing our customers complete peace of mind on the road and in our warehouse.

Our company has thrived on word of mouth referrals due to our personal service and passion with which we conduct our business on all levels.

iSolvents conducts regular self evaluation audits by unbiased third party auditors to ensure we don’t miss anything.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable South Africa, through a commitment to treating waste as a resource.

Some Fun Facts about us?

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